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Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority

Endla 10a, 10142 Tallinn

Telephone: (+372) 667 2000

Fax: (+372) 667 2001

Reg. nr. 70003218



Appointments with the director are available when arranged in advance by calling 667 2011 or e-mailing



​​​​Information on appointments pertaining to consumer protection issues can be found here. 

Consumer advice hotline 620 1707

Monday-Friday 10:00 - 15:00


Telephone 667 2000

Monday-Friday: 9:00-16:00


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Name Position Telefon E-post
Oliver Gailan 6672080 oliver.gailan [at]
Arvo Rammus 6672071 arvo.rammus [at]

Side- ja meediateenuste talitus

Name Position Telefon E-post
Oliver Gailan 6672080 oliver.gailan [at]
Helen Liiva 6201707 helen.liiva [at]
Rivo Mets 6672021 rivo.mets [at]
Peeter Lutsoja 6672002 peeter.lutsoja [at]
Peeter Sookruus 6672082 peeter.sookruus [at]
Kädi Streff 6201707 kadi.streff [at]
Kristi Orumets 6201707 kristi.orumets [at]
Diana Fenenko 6672003 diana.fenenko [at]
Evelin Kiik 6672093 evelin.kiik [at]
Helin Pertelson 6672040 helin.pertelson [at]
Henry Sarapuu 6672081 henry.sarapuu [at]
Kai Remmelkoor 6672077 kai.remmelkoor [at]
Tais Vakrõõm 6672084 tais.vakroom [at]

Sagedushalduse talitus

Name Position Telefon E-post
Erko Kulu 6672120 erko.kulu [at]
Irena Lukas 6672127 irena.lukas [at]
Veikko Tunnel 6672123 veikko.tunnel [at]
Aire Siinvert 6672181 aire.siinvert [at]
Andres Teeäär 6672094 andres.teeaar [at]
Artur Ikart 6672107 artur.ikart [at]
Endrik Kriisa 6672131 endrik.kriisa [at]
Kristiina Repp 6672130 kristiina.repp [at]
Kristjan Soodla 6672091 kristjan.soodla [at]
Külli Kopelmaa 6672128 kulli.kopelmaa [at]
Lada Jostina 6672125 lada.jostina [at]
Maret Ots 6672092 maret.ots [at]
Ulvi Valdaru 6672124 ulvi.valdaru [at]