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Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority

Endla 10a, 10142 Tallinn

Telephone: (+372) 667 2000

Fax: (+372) 667 2001

Reg. nr. 70003218



Appointments with the director are available when arranged in advance by calling 667 2011 or e-mailing



​​​​Information on appointments pertaining to consumer protection issues can be found here. 

Consumer advice hotline 620 1707

Monday-Friday 10:00 - 15:00


Telephone 667 2000

Monday-Friday: 9:00-16:00


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Tarbimiskeskkonna osakond

Name Position Telefon E-post
Jaana Tael 6201706 jaana.tael [at]
Helen Rohtla 6201707 helen.rohtla [at]
Grete Leesmann 6201707 grete.leesmann [at]
Hellika Teder 6201707 hellika.teder [at]
Melissa Eelma 6201707 melissa.eelma [at]


Name Position Telefon E-post
Birgit Valgus 6201707 birgit.valgus [at]
Diana Lints 6201707 diana.lints [at]
Elnara Nadžafova 6201707 elnara.nadzafova [at]
Kerly Kirsipuu 6201707 kerly.kirsipuu [at]
Liilia Laks 6201707 liilia.laks [at]
Maarja Mere 6201707 maarja.mere [at]
Mari-Liis Aas 6201707 mari-liis.aas [at]
Martin Simmermann 6201707 martin.simmermann [at]
Rain Meristo 6201707 rain.meristo [at]
Signe Naarits 6201707 signe.naarits [at]

Tarbijavaidluste komisjoni sekretariaat

Name Position Telefon E-post
Veiko Kopamees 6201920 veiko.kopamees [at]
Jaanika Maimjärv-Kukk 6201920 jaanika.maimjarv-kukk [at]
Heli Põder 6201707 heli.poder [at]
Helina Itter 6201707 helina.itter [at]
Liisa Elmet 6201707 liisa.elmet [at]
Maia Kurim 6201707 maia.kurim [at]
Maire Arras 6201707 maire.arras [at]
Maret Valdner 6201707 maret.valdner [at]
Margot Leen 6201707 margot.leen [at]
Reelika Rohumets 6201707 reelika.rohumets [at]
Sille Suur 6201707 sille.suur [at]
Sven Lehis 6201707 sven.lehis [at]

Euroopa Liidu tarbija nõustamiskeskus

Name Position Telefon E-post
Kristina Vaksmaa-Tammaru 6201708 kristina.vaksmaa [at]
Triin Vaima 6201707 triin.vaima [at]
Heldin Malmet 6201707 heldin.malmet [at]
Nele Nahkur 6201707 nele.nahkur [at]