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Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority commences work

The work of the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority (CPTRA) commenced on 1 January. The board was established through the merger of the former Consumer Protection Board and Technical Regulatory Authority with the aim of strengthening Estonia’s consumer environment and capabilities with regard to surveillance of the market and safety. The newly formed board will fulfil all of the tasks previously assigned to the two separate agencies.

CPTRA director Kaur Kajak says that the aim of the new board is primarily to harmonise the working processes in the merged agencies and thereby to improve the quality and availability of public services.

“It’s important to me that we make the way we work with companies and people in Estonia more efficient,” he said. “The state should be a partner who raises awareness and advises people, not one who punishes and deals with consequences. In my view, the key to achieving this is an innovative, unified team. Fostering cooperation within the organisation will definitely be a priority during our first year of operations.”

There are five departments within the CPTRA: the Technical, Construction, Transport, Communication and Consumer Environment Departments.
The board’s new website can be found at, where both consumers and entrepreneurs will find the information they need about its areas of operation, e-service environments, guidelines, contact details and more.

During the transition period, until the completion of the board’s new headquarters, employees are divided between two offices and the board’s legal address is Sõle 23a, Tallinn. Its general telephone numbers are 667 2000 and 620 1700 and its e-mail address is The consumer advice hotline (620 1707) is operating as normal from 10:00-15:00 Monday-Friday and advice continues to be offered to consumers in Tallinn and counties without any changes. For information on appointments, see the board’s website.