Radio frequencies

The Estonian Radio Frequency Plan regulates the use of radio frequencies in Estonia.

Use of radio frequencies in Europe – EFIS (ERO Frequency Information System)

The European Frequency Information System (EFIS) is a common European database on radio frequencies for the benefit of communications administrations and radio equipment suppliers, manufacturers, and end-users.

The EFIS database offers the possibility to consult the band (9 kHz to 275 GHz) in a specific country and compare it with other European countries. It is also of interest to compare frequency spectrum dipping with the European Radio Spectrum Plan (ERO Report 25), which is the basis for harmonizing radio spectrum use.

The EFIS database also provides information on the requirements for the use of radio equipment in different countries and the allocation of frequencies between operators of public electronic communications networks to provide electronic communications services. Also, the database provides access to national and international legislation regulating the use of radio frequencies.

Last updated: 08.04.2021