Advertising is any information disclosed about products, services or events. Its purpose is to increase sales, promote an event or draw a person's attention by influencing consumers to buy a particular product or service, participate in an event or act in the public interest.

According to the basic advertising requirements, an ad must be clearly distinguishable from other information on normal attention. Content, design and presentation must be different from any other environment so that you understand that it is an advertisement.

An advertisement must contain the business name, trademark or domain name of the company / person who ordered it. If the advertisement is published in several phases, the advertiser must provide the above information at least within 15 days of the publication of the first stage of the advertisement.

Advertising may not:

  • Contradict good manners and customs;
  • Encourage you to act unlawfully or to violate general moral norms;
  • Incitement to violent behavior;
  • Encourage activities that harm your health or the environment;
  • Promoting an unrealistic sense of security leading to dangerous behavior;
  • Rely on your superstition or take advantage of the age-old credulity of the target audience of the ad;
  • Make false statements,
  • Or give the impression that a product or service has special characteristics if these characteristics are common to all similar products or services.

Misleading advertising is prohibited.

An advertisement is considered misleading if it provides you with misleading information about a product or service:

  • Availability, quantity, composition, usability, availability of accessories, technical data, risks related to use and storage, production method and time, procurement or provision, place of manufacture or country of origin;
  • Purpose and income from use;
  • Pricing and payment conditions;
  • The conditions for replacement, return, repair, maintenance and warranty.

There are different restrictions on the advertising of different goods and services.


  • If a trader or service provider has used unfair trading techniques, including misleading advertising, to make a transaction with you, the transaction itself will not be void. If you have been harmed by unfair commercial practices, you may take legal action or contact the Consumer Disputes Committee to protect your contractual rights.
  • Be sure to notify the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority of any advertising that does not meet the requirements of the trader or service provider's requirements. The Authority has the right to require the trader to remove the advertising or bring it into compliance with the law.

Last updated: 08.04.2021