Entertainment services

There are many possibilities to spend your free time. One possibility is to attend various events, including concerts, music festivals, theaters, etc.

In the information published about the event, the organizer must indicate the time from which access to the venue is possible, including the start time, the venue and the performers of the event.

Read the Terms and Conditions carefully. They appear on the Organizer's website, on event tickets, on advertising posters. For example, you may not bring your own drinks or food to many entertainment events. The Terms and Conditions may also state that you may not take photos at the event.

If it's a longer event that lasts all day, you can find out if you can leave the event area in the meantime and return later. In most cases, you can do this by taking a wristband instead of a ticket.

You may have purchased a ticket for an event that is cancelled. In the case of a concert, the advertised artist may not be able to attend and another performer may instead perform at the concert. In this case, the promoter must offer you a free ticket to another equivalent event, such as a theater performance on another day, or refund the ticket money if possible.

In order to get your ticket back, first contact the organizer and write a request. If the organizer does not reply to you within 15 days or does not agree to refund the ticket, please contact the Consumer Disputes Committee.

If you purchased a ticket not from the promoter but from the ticket seller, you have the right to lodge a complaint with both the promoter and the ticket seller if the event is cancelled.


  • Find out the background of the event organizer before buying a ticket.
  • Wait for more detailed information about the event before buying a ticket. For example, if the organizer advertises a music festival without immediately publishing the performers' names at the festival, you may regret a quick ticket purchase, but afterward, it won't be very easy for you to justify your expectations and argue with the organizer to get your ticket back.
  • Go to the big event with enough time to avoid getting stuck in the crowd in the event entrance area.

Last updated: 08.04.2021