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Requirements for the provision of communications service

Entering the market:

Every person has the right to start providing communications services. Economic activity notice must be submitted to the register of economic activities for the provision of communications services. The notification obligation shall only be performed via the Estonian information gateway or through a notary public. The description of the communications service and the geographical area of the activity must be added.

If a foreign company wants to permanently provide a service in its name in Estonia, it first needs to register its branch in the commercial register.

Publicly available electronic communications services, for which the notification obligation stands for, are data communication, telephone, mobile phone, network (incl. access, interconnection, virtual network service), leased line, cable distribution services (IPTV) or other electronic communications services.

An electronic communications service includes transmitting or directing signals under agreed terms and conditions via an electronic communications network.

Communications service provision for an end-user

Communications services shall be provided to the end-user pursuant to the communications service contract. Subscription shall be concluded if one party wants it.

The violation of contract terms and the end-user’s claims against the communications company shall be handled by the Consumer Protection Board.


A communications company must make information on the quality of communications services publicly available. Also, information on how consumers with special needs shall have access to the service.

You can find information on the coverage, usage and opportunities of communications services from 
Data entered into the communications service database is informative.

As of 01.07.2017, a communications service provider with at least 10,000 end-users shall be considered a provider of vital service pursuant to the Emergency Act. The TRA shall supervise the continuity of action of vital communications services.

A communications service provider must implement relevant measures for hedging risks related to the safety of the communications service and network as well as its integrity.

All cases endangering the safety and integrity of communications network and service must be notified to the TRA at and the ISA at

A communications company providing telephone and mobile phone service must ensure the following:

  • free connection to national emergency numbers and Europe’s common emergency number 112
  • A cable network service provider must ensure the constant re-transmission of the following programmes:
  • TV programmes of Estonia’s public media service providers
  • TV programmes of a TV service provider with free access that meet the technical requirements of the cable network area and are received at a respective signal strength, for which the TV service provider does not charge a fee