Service contracts

When skills or time are scarce, it is often easier to use the service than to do something on your own. Services range from cleaning and beauty services to e-services.

The trader must provide you with sufficient and truthful information about the service so that you can make an informed decision. Furthermore, the trader must inform you of the possible risks associated with the service, e.g. some beauty salons are not suitable for pregnant women, etc.

The trader must inform you of the selling price and taxes of the Service when he offers you the Service or immediately before the provision of the Service. The selling price of the Service is the final price you pay for the Service.

If you cannot determine the selling price of the service in advance, the trader must inform you of the components of the service price, the tariffs or the basis of calculation so that you can calculate the selling price of the service with sufficient accuracy.

Make a preliminary estimate of the price of the service and conclude a written agreement with the trader in which you have agreed the price of the service and all other circumstances.

Before concluding a service contract

  • check the background of the service provider, see also the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority blacklist;
  • determine whether a private or legal person provides the service, e.g. whether the money should be credited to an individual or a company;
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully and ask for more information if something is not clear.

When paying for services, remember that when paying for a one-time service, the trader must provide you with a document or check stating the purchase. In the case of periodic services, the service provider will issue an invoice or you will have to pay for the service under a contract.

If you are not satisfied with the service, contact the trader from whom you purchased the service. If the service provider refuses to resolve the complaint or disagrees with the solution, you can go to the Consumer Disputes Committee, which can reject the request or close the case if the value of the disputed goods or services or the amount of the consumer's claim is less than 30 euros; the dispute is meaningless or without perspective.

If you do not agree with the committee's decision, you can appeal to the District Court.

Last updated: 08.04.2021