Introduction and structure

The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority was created on 1 January 2019 by joining the Consumer Protection Authority and the Technical Regulatory Authority to strengthen market and safety regulation and make the consumer environment safer.

Our main activities are safety regulation, market regulation and compliance with legal obligations in the following areas:

  • electronic communications, spectrum management and media services;
  • rail transport and implementation of EU structural instruments;
  • the safety of specific work, equipment and products;
  • buildings, infrastructure and energy efficiency;
  • consumer rights.

We offer the following services in the fulfillment of our tasks:

  • granting of operating rights in the fields of industrial, construction and railway safety, electronic communications and radio communications;
  • national monitoring occupational safety, construction, energy efficiency, railway safety, electronic communications and media services, use of radio spectrum, consumer rights;
  • advisory services;
  • settlement of consumer disputes.

Our strategic goals for 2020-2024

Modern organization based on objectives

A well-functioning organization is based on clear objectives, effective workflows and committed employees.

They are supported by a pleasant working environment and a favorable organizational culture.

Promoting innovation and knowledge

In the light of the current technological possibilities, every action and every project must seek innovation and development. Each step must be closer to a simpler and faster solution. Thanks to technology and access to data, information and decisions are substantiated.

Raising awareness of safe and responsible behavior in society

By raising awareness of the rights and responsibilities of members of society and encouraging them to act, the behavior of all parties will become more responsible.

Our mission is to create a safe and fair living environment

The Authority's role is to ensure that Estonia's artificial environment is safe for residents and consumers, and that businesses are treated fairly, predictably, uniformly and lawfully, and the granting of our licenses enables businesses to provide services that use a national resource.

Our vision is an innovative and responsible living environment for all

We want to see new digital solutions in Estonia, and we want to be a leader in innovation with our services. We strive to ensure that consumers and businesses are aware of their rights and obligations and comply with the law. Likewise, we believe that the need for penalties due to the high level of responsibility of society will be reduced, and our primary role would be to provide information and advice.

Our values are openness, expertise, innovation, performance and cooperation within the institution and with external partners.

The structure of the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority

Last updated: 01.11.2021