Fireworks, pyrotechnics

A pyrotechnic article may only be used in accordance with its intended purpose, in compliance with the safety requirements and taking into account the age limit set for its use.

The use of a pyrotechnic article must comply with the requirements of public behavior and public order.

Pyrotechnic articles of categories F4 and T2 may only be used by a pyrotechnic article handler.

The use of a detonator is prohibited, except by a pyrotechnician using it in the course of his trade, business, or profession.

The use of red flares and other flares of similar color used as part of a ship's safety equipment is prohibited at sea and onshore without an emergency. You may not use signal flares for fireworks.

Rules for the use of pyrotechnic articles:

  • buy pyrotechnic articles only from an official point of sale, not from a person on the street or social media.
  • Safe and compliant pyrotechnic articles always carry a CE mark and instructions for use in Estonian on the packaging.
  • Check that the pyrotechnic article is free from external mechanical damage; if any, return the article to the seller.
  • Keep the pyrotechnic article in a dry place and avoid getting it wet or damp.
  • Read the instructions for use accompanying the pyrotechnic article and act accordingly.
  • Choose the right time and place to use the pyrotechnic article and consider other people and animals.
  • If there is strong wind outside, do not use fireworks.
  • Do not use fireworks while under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances.
  • Do not use fireworks in a place where their use could create a dangerous situation. The safe distance is indicated on the product packaging.
  • You must not throw the pyrotechnic article in the direction of other people or animals.
  • Ensure that there are no obstacles above, near, or in the flight path of the proposed firework.
  • Support the product properly, place it on a hard, flat, and non-combustible surface.
  • Do not bend over the product during and after the ignition of the fuse.
  • After firing the igniter, move quickly to a safe distance.
  • If the product does not ignite, wait 10 to 15 minutes before approaching it.
  • If the pyrotechnic article has not produced the required pyrotechnic effect, return the article to the seller.
  • after the firework, pick up any rubbish left behind

You must hold a fireworks permit to organize fireworks:

  • at a public event with a pyrotechnic article of categories F3 and F4.
  • In a built-up area with pyrotechnic articles of category F4.

An application for a fireworks organization shall be submitted to the municipality or city government or the municipality or city government's relevant department.

For the organization of fireworks, a description must be drawn up of the proposed fireworks.

The organizer of the fireworks shall notify the following authorities at least three days in advance:

  • the Police and Border Guard Board and the Rescue Board, in the case of fireworks with pyrotechnic articles of category F4 at a public event or in a built-up area.
  • For the organization of fireworks with pyrotechnic articles of category T2 – the Rescue Services Authority.
  • For the organization of fireworks in the vicinity of an airport using a pyrotechnic article with a height of flight of more than 45 meters – the Transport Administration.

Last updated: 06.04.2021