Energy labeling of energy-related products

An energy-related product is any good or part of a good used as a single product, the use of which has an impact on energy consumption and which is placed on the market and put into service. The use of energy-related products directly or indirectly impacts the consumption of various forms of energy, the most important being electricity and gas. Therefore, energy efficiency requirements have been established for energy-related products whose use directly or indirectly impacts the consumption of any energy source.

Standard requirements have been set for energy consumption requirements and energy labeling for several European Union product groups. The format of the energy labels will be as uniform as possible across product groups, and in any case, clearly visible and legible.

The format of the label is based on the A-G classification. Class A products are the most energy-efficient, while Class G products are the most energy-intensive. As the labeling is based on a common standard, there is virtually no difference in energy efficiency between appliances of the same energy class from different manufacturers.

The following product groups must be energy labeled:

  • Household refrigerating appliances
  • Household washing machines
  • Household dishwashers
  • Household tumble dryers
  • Televisions
  • Air-conditioning equipment
  • Light sources
  • Domestic electric stoves
  • Heating appliances
  • Water heaters-heaters
  • Cooking ovens and cooking hobs
  • Residential ventilation equipment
  • Industrial refrigeration equipment
  • Liquid and gaseous fuel-fired hot water boilers
  • Solid fuel boilers

The design of the energy label and its information will depend on the type of electrical equipment and the requirements of the relevant EU regulation. For example, light bulbs' energy labeling requirements come from EU Regulation 874/2012, while the energy labeling requirements for televisions come from EU Regulation 1062/2010.

Examples of energy labels: light bulb (left), TV (right).

Last updated: 06.04.2021