A cosmetic product is a substance or mixture intended to come into contact with the external parts of the human body (skin, hair, facial and body hair, nails, lips, and external genital organs) or with the mucous membranes of the teeth and oral cavity for the sole or primary purpose of cleaning, perfuming, modifying the appearance of, protecting, maintaining in good condition or correcting body odors.

Cosmetics labeling

Article 19 of Regulation 1223/2009 lays down the labeling requirements for cosmetic products. This article stipulates that the labeling of cosmetic products presented to the consumer must be in Estonian (except for the name and address of the responsible person and the list of ingredients), indelible, clearly legible, and clearly visible.

Cosmetic products must bear the following information:

This information may be abbreviated if the abbreviation can identify the individual and their address. In the case of imported cosmetic products, the country of origin shall be indicated.

(except for packages with a net content of less than five grams or five milliliters, free samples, and single-use products); prepackages normally sold by the piece, for which weight and volume data are not relevant, do not need to be marked with the quantity if the number of pieces is indicated on the package. If the number of pieces is readily visible without opening the package, or if the product is normally only sold singly, this information need not be given.

The symbol or words appearing in point 3 of Annex VII to the Regulation shall appear before the date or particulars indicating the place where the date appears on the package: "Best before ...". The minimum durability date, consisting of the month and year, or the day, month, and year in that order, must be indicated. Where appropriate, this information shall be supplemented by the conditions which must be fulfilled for the product to keep for the prescribed period. Indication of the minimum durability date shall not be compulsory for cosmetic products with a minimum durability period exceeding 30 months. For such products, they shall bear a statement indicating how long after opening the product is safe and may be used without harming the consumer.

Specific precautions to be observed during use and at least those listed in Annexes III to VI of the Regulation and all information on cosmetic products' precautions for professional use.

Where, for practical reasons, this is not possible because the cosmetic products are too small, this information will be provided on the packaging only.

This information may also be marked on the packaging only. The term "ingredients" must precede the list. The ingredient shall be declared as a substance or mixture intentionally used in the cosmetic product's manufacturing process.

Where, for practical reasons, the information referred to in points (5) and (8) cannot be adequately provided on the label, it shall be provided on an accompanying leaflet, label, leaflet, tag, or card.

The competent authority for the manufacture and import of cosmetic products is the Health Board.

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