Main requirements for media service providers

The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority carries out national media services supervision: radio, television, and on-demand services (the latter can also be simplified to video on demand).
legal base
At least six days a week, at least 5% of the program's daily programming is in-house-produced news programs (excluding national holidays). MeeTS § 8 lg 1 + +

At least 10% of each calendar month (excluding news, sports, games, advertising, teleshopping, teletext) must be in-house productions, of which at least half must be broadcast between 19:00 and 23:00.

'Own production' means a program or program dealing with contemporary Estonian life and cultural heritage. 

MeeTS § 8 lg 2 ja § 10 +
At least 51% of the annual transmission of audiovisual works of European origin. MeeTS § 8 lg 3 +
Promote the production and availability of European works. MeeTS § 24 lg 1 + +
Correct website: name, postal address, contact details, name and contact details of the editor in charge, reference to the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority as the contact for the national supervisory authority. MeeTS § 16 lg 1 + +
Provide at least the following information about themselves in the radio program: name, contact details, including e-mail or website address at least 4 times during the day of the broadcast. Also, on the website (if available): name, postal address, name and contact details of the editor in charge, reference to the contact details of the Media Authority as the national supervisory authority. MeeTS § 16 lg 3 +
Submit data on compliance with certain requirements to the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority by 15 February each year. MeeTS § 8 lg 10; § 24 lg 2; § 60 + +
Save your entire program and store your recordings for at least 20 days. MeeTS § 21 lg 1, 2 + +
Appoint an editor responsible for the program. Keep the list of editors in charge for 1 year. Notify the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority if there is a change of editor in charge. MeeTS § 17 + + +
Make your service accessible to people with visual and hearing impairments. MeeTS § 23 + +
Comply with all the conditions of the license. MeeTS § 40 lg 3 + +

legal base
It must not incite hatred based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, opinions or beliefs, degrade law-abiding behavior, or incite offenses. MeeTS § 19 lg 1 + + +
Not to broadcast programs that seriously impair the physical, mental, or moral development of minors (particularly pornography and programs promoting violence or cruelty). MeeTS § 19 lg 2 + +
Programs likely to impair minors' physical, mental or moral development (indecent content, programs containing violence or cruelty) must not be shown between 06:00 and 22:00. Exceptions to this requirement may be made where a warning is given in a way that is comprehensible to the viewer before the program that the following program is unsuitable for minors, or where a technical measure is taken to ensure that minors cannot receive such programs by normal means (e.g., PIN code). Clips of promotional programs must also not contain extracts of programs that give rise to the above restriction. MeeTS § 19 lg 3, 4, 5, 6 + +
Suppose the content provided by the service is likely to be seriously harmful to the physical, mental, or moral development of minors. In that case, the service will be made inaccessible to minors utilizing personal identification codes or other technical solutions. MeeTS § 19 lg 7 +

legal base
Business messages clearly recognizable and separated from the rest of the program. The transmission of a hidden commercial message is prohibited. MeeTS § 25 lg 2; § 26 lg 2 + + +
Television advertising and teleshopping are usually transmitted in blocks without damaging the integrity of the programs. MeeTS § 28 lg 4 +
News programs, cinema films, and films made for television (except for TV series and documentaries) may be interrupted for TV advertising or teleshopping once for at least 30 minutes (all parts of the program, i.e., TV advertising, program introductions, etc.). MeeTS § 28 lg 5 +
A children's program may be interrupted for television or radio advertising or teleshopping once for every program of at least 30 minutes if it lasts more than 30 minutes. MeeTS § 28 lg 6 + +
Television and radio advertising and teleshopping may not be broadcast during a religious affairs program. MeeTS § 28 lg 7 + +
Television and radio advertising spots and teleshopping spots must not exceed 12 minutes per hour. This does not include public service announcements or appeals to charity, or promotions of their own programs. MeeTS § 28 lg 9; § 29 lg 1 + +
A teleshopping broadcast must last at least 15 minutes without interruption. Otherwise, it will be counted as a commercial. MeeTS § 29 lg 2 + +
Sponsorship messages must be clearly distinguished from other forms of commercial communication in the program. The TTJA has the right to request information on sponsorship agreements. Restrictions on undertakings whose main business is the manufacture and sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products, the manufacture and sale of medicinal products, and medical treatment provision. Sponsorship of news and political programs, children's programs, and programs with religious content are prohibited. MeeTS § 30 + + +
Product placement is allowed in cinematographic works, television films and series, sports and entertainment programs. Such a program must be identified at the beginning and the end of the program, and after each commercial break, by the appropriate text or symbol 'TP'. Prohibited in the case of tobacco products, cigarettes, prescription medicines, or medical treatment prescribed by a doctor. MeeTS § 31 + +

legal base
The program must be translated or subtitled into Estonian. Keeleseadus § 18 + +
Comply with all copyright law requirements (including paying royalties to the authors of the musical work). Autoriõiguse seadus + + +
Comply with all advertising requirements set out in the Advertising Act and other laws. Reklaamiseadus; MeeTS § 25 lg 3 + + +


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