The construction, use of buildings and other activities related to construction must be safe.

A building is safe if it was built according to the requirements and the corresponding professional knowledge and skills were applied according to the competence principle.

The owner of the building is responsible for its maintenance and safe use. The owner is responsible for all hazards arising from the construction. The safe condition and visual maintenance of the building must be ensured throughout its life. During the life of the building, the professional maintenance necessary for its durability and safe use must be guaranteed.

The owner of a building is responsible for ensuring that the building, its construction and its use comply with legal requirements.

Audit of the building

An audit is carried out to assess the safety of the building.

The purpose of a building audit is to verify the conformity of the building with the requirements and safety of the use of the building for its intended purpose and in the manner for which it is intended, or to carry out another assessment of the building.

An emergency inspection of a building must be carried out immediately if the client has become aware of a circumstance which may lead to the conclusion that the building does not meet the requirements and is unsafe for its intended purpose and use.

You can find the procedure for carrying out a building audit here.

Last updated: 10.04.2021