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Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority

Endla 10a, 10122 Tallinn

Telephone: (+372) 667 2000

Fax: (+372) 667 2001

Reg. nr. 70003218



Appointments with the director are available when arranged in advance by calling 667 2011 or e-mailing



​​​​Information on appointments pertaining to consumer protection issues can be found here. 

Consumer advice hotline 620 1707

Monday-Friday 10:00 - 15:00


Telephone 667 2000

Monday-Friday: 9:00-16:00


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Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority

Name Position Telefon E-post
Kaur Kajak Director General 6672150 kaur.kajak [at]
Illimar Pärnamägi Head of Legal Affairs 6672025 illimar.parnamagi [at]
Anu Võlma Assistant to Head & Office Manager 6672011 anu.volma [at]

Support Services Department

Name Position Telefon E-post
Teele Tohver Head of Department 6672072 teele.tohver [at]
Airi Ilisson Head of Communications 6201904 airi.ilisson [at]
Veronika Gorbatenko Chief Specialist (Communications) 6201702 veronika.gorbatenko [at]
Lembi Tasane Specialist (General Information) 6672000 lembi.tasane [at]
Krista Kask Specialist (General Information) 6201700 krista.kask [at]
Mariann Salomets Adviser (Legal) 6672037 mariann.salomets [at]
Margit Tammistu Lawyer 6672041 margit.tammistu [at]
Merle Jürmann Adviser (Finance) 6672022 merle.jurmann [at]
Piia Eller Chief Specialist (IT & Business Processes) 6672014 piia.eller [at]
Mariko Männa Chief Specialist (Document Management) 6672024 mariko.manna [at]
Aap Andreas Rebas Chief Specialist (Communications) 6672153 aapandreas.rebas [at]

Construction Department

Name Position Telefon E-post
Kati Tamtik Head of Department 53051071 kati.tamtik [at]
Valmond Mikli Adviser (Construction) 6672036 valmond.mikli [at]
Kaspar Raadik Project Manager 5278732 kaspar.raadik [at]
Meeri Sõerd Chief Specialist (Railway Infrastructure) 6672090 meeri.soerd [at]
Ene-Liis Bachmann Chief Specialist (Special Projects) 6672061 ene-liis.bachmann [at]
Aleksei Gornev Chief Specialist (Railway Infrastructure) 6672065 aleksei.gornev [at]
Kaido-Allan Lainurm Chief Specialist (Building Accessibility) 6672062 Kaido-Allan.Lainurm [at]
Kristi Malm Chief specialist (Compulsory Possessions, Foreign Summons and Structural Safety) 6672165 kristi.malm [at]
Kristina Fuks-Kuus Chief Specialist (Planning and Railway Protection Zone & Infrastructure) 6672063 kristina.fuks-kuus [at]
Liina Roosimägi Chief Specialist (Building Permits, Foreign Summons and MTR) 6672004 liina.roosimagi [at]
Liis Piper Chief Specialist (Building Permits, Foreign Summons and MTR) 6672151 liis.piper [at]
Riina Tamm Chief Specialist (Energy Efficiency of Buildings) 6672180 riina.tamm [at]
Urmo Karu Chief Specialist (Structural Safety) 6672102 urmo.karu [at]

Technical department

Name Position Telefon E-post
Ingrid Teinemaa Head of Department 6672170 ingrid.teinemaa [at]
Angela Priks Expert & Head of Area (Consumer Products & Services) 6201718 angela.priks [at]
Anneli Nagel Adviser (Consumer Product & Service Safety) 6201714 anneli.nagel [at]
Priit Poschlin Adviser (Technical) 6672193 priit.poschlin [at]
Meelis Kärt Adviser (Electrical) 6672161 meelis.kart [at]
Eva-Maria Uusman Lawyer 6201712 eva-maria.uusman [at]
Ardi Link Chief Specialist (Handling of Chemicals and Pyrotechnics) 6672027 [at]
Aivar Tuisk Chief Specialist (Electrical Equipment) 6672162 aivar.tuisk [at]
Alar Punson Chief Specialist (Gas Equipment & Installations) 6672195 alar.punson [at]
Henri Külm Chief Specialist (Electrical Installations) 6672133 henri.kulm [at]
Lauri Kütt Chief Specialist (Excavations and Supervision of Aggregates) 6672185 lauri.kytt [at]
Maanus Urb Chief Specialist (Pressure Equipment and Installations) 6672177 maanus.urb [at]
Merilin Kraun Chief Specialist (Explosives and Pyrotechnics) 6672106 merilin.kraun [at]
Reino Bürkland Chief Specialist (Lifting Equipment) 6672173 reino.burkland [at]
Richard Saarman Chief Specialist (Machinery and Lifting Equipment) 6672175 richard.saarman [at]
Sirje Arus Chief Specialist (Handling of Hazardous Chemicals in Dangerous Companies at Risk of a Major Accident) 6672171 sirje.arus [at]
Taavi Lentso Chief Specialist (Electrical Equipment) 6672164 taavi.lentso [at]
Toomas Tamm Chief Specialist (Construction Products) 6672196 toomas.tamm [at]
Ursula Oraby Chief Specialist (Communications & Radio Equipment) 6672095 ursula.oraby [at]

Transport Department

Name Position Telefon E-post
Margus Meius Deputy Manager 6672050 margus.meius [at]
Annemary Neimar Project Expert (on parental leave) 6672104 annemary.neimar [at]
Jaak Simon Project Expert (Rail Baltic) 6672043 jaak.simon [at]
Kaidar Viikman Project Expert (Final Beneficiary) 667 2104 kaidar.viikman [at]
Karin Veskioja Chief Specialist (Railway Infrastructure) 6672134 karin.veskioja [at]
Kristel Künnap Chief Specialist (Railway Passenger Transport & Traffic and Operating & Safety Certificates) 6672 054 kristel.kunnap [at]
Kristi Lambing Chief Specialist (Safety Management Systems and Relevant Legislation) 6672064 kristi.lambing [at]
Kristi Purik Project Expert (Final Beneficiary) 6672074 kristi.purik [at]
Maile Mäesalu Project Expert (Final Beneficiary – Usage Fee) 6672 005 maile.maesalu [at]
Rando Kadopa Project Expert (Final Beneficiary) 6672076 rando.kadopa [at]
Riin Rehemaa Project Expert (on parental leave) 6672030 riin.rehemaa [at]
Tiit Linnas Chief Specialist (Railway Vehicles and Vehicle Managers) 6672053 tiit.linnas [at]
Triinu Uiboleht Chief Specialist (Railway Safety, Prevention & Information Activities and Railway Goods Transport) 6672108 triinu.uiboleht [at]
Ülle Kaldre Project Expert (Final Beneficiary) 6672121 ulle.kaldre [at]

Communications Department

Name Position Telefon E-post
Oliver Gailan Head of Department 6672080 oliver.gailan [at]
Arvo Rammus Adviser 6672071 arvo.rammus [at]

Side- ja meediateenuste talitus

Name Position Telefon E-post
Oliver Gailan Head of Department 6672080 oliver.gailan [at]
Helen Liiva Lawyer (Consumer Protection and Communications & Public Utility Services) 6201707 helen.liiva [at]
Rivo Mets Adviser (Market Analysis and SMP Obligations) 6672021 rivo.mets [at]
Peeter Lutsoja Adviser (Market Analysis and SMP Obligations) 6672002 peeter.lutsoja [at]
Peeter Sookruus Adviser (Media Services) 6672082 peeter.sookruus [at]
Kädi Streff Lawyer (Consumer Protection and Communications & Public Utility Services) 6201707 kadi.streff [at]
Kristi Orumets Lawyer (Consumer Protection and Communications & Public Utility Services) 6201707 kristi.orumets [at]
Diana Fenenko Chief Specialist (Number Portability and Communications Services Surveillance) 6672003 diana.fenenko [at]
Evelin Kiik Chief Specialist (Market Analysis and SMP Obligations) 6672093 evelin.kiik [at]
Helin Pertelson Chief Specialist (Media Services and TV & Radio Licensing) 6672040 helin.pertelson [at]
Henry Sarapuu Chief Specialist (Communications Services & Frequency Surveillance) 6672081 henry.sarapuu [at]
Kai Remmelkoor Chief Specialist (Numbering Authorisation and Numbering Management) 6672077 kai.remmelkoor [at]
Tais Vakrõõm Chief Specialist (Media Services and TV & Radio Licensing) 6672084 tais.vakroom [at]

Sagedushalduse talitus

Name Position Telefon E-post
Erko Kulu Director of Unit 6672120 erko.kulu [at]
Irena Lukas Adviser (Mobile Frequencies and International Relations) 6672127 irena.lukas [at]
Veikko Tunnel Chief Specialist (Frequency Planning and TV Broadcasting & Satellite) 6672123 veikko.tunnel [at]
Aire Siinvert Chief Specialist (Marine & Aeronautical Planning) 6672181 aire.siinvert [at]
Andres Teeäär Chief Specialist (Unlicensed Telecom Equipment) 6672094 andres.teeaar [at]
Artur Ikart Chief Specialist (Frequency Surveillance) 6672107 artur.ikart [at]
Endrik Kriisa Chief Specialist (Mobile and FM Broadcasting) 6672131 endrik.kriisa [at]
Kristiina Repp Chief Specialist (Land Mobile Networks and Mobile) 6672130 kristiina.repp [at]
Kristjan Soodla Chief Specialist (Frequency Surveillance) 6672091 kristjan.soodla [at]
Külli Kopelmaa Chief Specialist (Fixed & Land Mobile Network and Broadcasting Frequency Licences) 6672128 kulli.kopelmaa [at]
Lada Jostina Chief Specialist (Fixed and Broadband Network Frequency Licences) 6672125 lada.jostina [at]
Maret Ots Chief Specialist (Telecom Equipment and Standards) 6672092 maret.ots [at]
Ulvi Valdaru Chief Specialist (Marine, Aeronautical and Amateur Frequency Licences) 6672124 ulvi.valdaru [at]

Tarbimiskeskkonna osakond

Name Position Telefon E-post
Jaana Tael Head of Department 6201706 jaana.tael [at]
Helen Rohtla Lawyer & Head of Area (Tourism and Travel Services) 6201707 helen.rohtla [at]
Grete Leesmann Lawyer (Tourism and Travel Services) 6201707 grete.leesmann [at]
Hellika Teder Lawyer (Tourism and Travel Services) 6201707 hellika.teder [at]
Melissa Eelma Lawyer (Tourism and Travel Services) 6201707 melissa.eelma [at]
Grete-Liis Kalev Expert (Tourism and Travel Services) 6201707 grete-liis.kalev [at]


Name Position Telefon E-post
Birgit Valgus Director of Unit 6201707 birgit.valgus [at]
Diana Lints Lawyer (Advertising and Sales of Tobacco Products) 6201707 diana.lints [at]
Elnara Nadžafova Lawyer (E-commerce, Trade and Advertising) 6201707 elnara.nadzafova [at]
Kerly Kirsipuu Chief Inspector (Trade and Advertising) 6201707 kerly.kirsipuu [at]
Liilia Laks Chief Inspector (Trade and Advertising) 6201707 liilia.laks [at]
Maarja Mere Lawyer (E-commerce, Trade and Advertising) 6201707 maarja.mere [at]
Mari-Liis Aas Lawyer (Financial Services) 6201707 mari-liis.aas [at]
Marianne Metssoon Lawyer 6201709 marianne.metssoon [at]
Martin Simmermann Lawyer (E-commerce) 6201707 martin.simmermann [at]
Rain Meristo Lawyer (Financial Services) 6201707 rain.meristo [at]
Signe Naarits Chief Inspector (Trade and Advertising) 6201707 signe.naarits [at]

Tarbijavaidluste komisjoni sekretariaat

Name Position Telefon E-post
Veiko Kopamees Director of Unit 6201920 veiko.kopamees [at]
Jaanika Maimjärv-Kukk Consultant 6201920 jaanika.maimjarv-kukk [at]
Maris Davydov Consultant 6201707 maris.davydov [at]
Heli Põder Lawyer 6201707 heli.poder [at]
Helina Itter Lawyer 6201707 helina.itter [at]
Liisa Elmet Lawyer 6201707 liisa.elmet [at]
Maia Kurim Consultant 6201707 maia.kurim [at]
Maire Arras Consultant 6201707 maire.arras [at]
Maret Valdner Lawyer 6201707 maret.valdner [at]
Margot Leen Lawyer 6201707 margot.leen [at]
Reelika Rohumets Lawyer 6201707 reelika.rohumets [at]
Sille Suur Consultant 6201707 sille.suur [at]
Sven Lehis Lawyer 6201707 sven.lehis [at]

Euroopa Liidu tarbija nõustamiskeskus

Name Position Telefon E-post
Kristina Vaksmaa-Tammaru Director of ECC (European Consumer Center) 6201708 kristina.vaksmaa [at]
Aigi Veber Consultant 6201753 aigi.veber [at]
Heldin Malmet Lawyer 6201707 heldin.malmet [at]
Nele Nahkur Lawyer 6201707 nele.nahkur [at]